Exterior Masonry Projects

Ask Nate to come and see what you want done..
Go from there..
He is knowledgeable, experienced, and thoughtful in approaches to the work to be done..
After checking out the sight, Nate will make a written proposal. Where he invites questions so that clarity of the Scope of the work is clear..
His exterior work is subject to weather, so be mindful of that boundary..
Even so, on the 3 projects, He and his team worked with the weather and finished up in a very acceptable manner..
Call NLF up for your masonry projects. From the historical sensitive to the Modern..

Restoration Of The Exterior Brick Front Of A Century-Old House

Our century-old brick house was in need of a facelift. Nate was able to source old bricks that matched the existing ones that were crumbling. He chose the perfect color of mortar to enhance the brickwork. Nate and his crew worked hard for a week to repair the front of the house. He tarped around the area to keep all the dust contained so it did not impact our garden or our neighbor’s and every evening everything was left clean and tidy. Nate is knowledgeable, resourceful and efficient. His work was completed in a timely manner and the quality is outstanding.

Masonry Restoration

Nate repointed and replaced bricks as necessary on three walls of our house (built-in 1897). This included rebuilding several window arches. He also replaced many cracked stones in the foundation as well as the lintel for a basement window. Finally, he ordered and installed 9 heritage stone window sills, replacing rotted window sills. He was very professional and the quality of the work was fantastic. Nate has great attention to detail and he shared our passion for restoring the house to its original state (or better!).

Chimney Restoration

We have a cottage that’s over 90 years old and despite the many patches over the years, the chimney was in desperate need of repair before it fell apart and there was water coming in where it met with the roof. When I spoke with Nate, showed him the pictures and explained the situation he was very confident and knowledgable about what needed to be done. He was able to provide a quote quickly that explained where and by how much costs may change depending on variables that inevitably arise in a project of this nature.