Traditional Craftsmanship Within a Modern Context

By combining a knowledge of traditional masonry techniques with years of experience in the fast-paced modern masonry industry, NLF Masonry is distinctly qualified to provide cost-competitive and high performing building solutions with an aesthetic that is true to the familiar forms of masonry design.

Whether you’re planning a new project or re-imagining an existing structure, NLF Masonry can help from the inception of the design through to and beyond the project’s implementation.

1. Planning

Whether we are brought into a project at the stage of initial design, the layout of the first wall or decades into the life-cycle of the building, we include in our pricing a variety of pre-construction services including cost-analysis, material sourcing, design consutlation and project documentation.

2. Execution

From our first mobilization on site through the completion of our work and cleanup of our equipment and refuse, we employ considered and precise practices both in our craft work and our interaction with clients and their property.

3. Continued Service

Track us on social media and watch our business grow. See past projects and note what we are planning for the future. Masonry work is by nature durable and we aim to extend that quality to our relationships with clients and collaborators.